Who all plays a part in Little Miss Latina's life? Put a face to the name and check out the quick bios below! 

Little Miss Latina- Me!

The heroine of this blog, naturally, of course! I am a graduate student getting my Masters in Communication. I graduated a year ago with a degree in Public Relations. I currently work at Ulta and I love it! It feeds my makeup addiction... I'm also obsessed with fashion, photography, social media, and my pets.

Andrew "Andy"- The Boyfriend

My best (guy) friend since I was a sophomore in high school. (And he was in seventh!) We have been dating for eight months and he makes me ridiculously happy! We are attending the same college. He loves learning languages and loves to speak to me in languages I don't understand. Did I mention he's a magician? He's pretty magical. :)

Kenshi- The Kitten

Don't let the cute face and bow fool you, she is a little bratty kitten! Kenshi is about as spoiled as they come. She eats out of beautifully painted porcelain dishes and does what she wants. But I love her. Andy and I adopted her back in June and now I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Manchester- My Parakeet 

This little guy has been with me for a year and five months, and I love him to pieces! His favorite artists are Michael Buble', Mandisa, and Owl City. He also likes to get Kenshi in trouble. 

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